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Scent Work For Dogs

Sniffing 10 minutes makes a dog as tired as a 45 min walk...

  • 1 h
  • 125 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Dogs have more than 100 million sensory receptor sites in the nasal cavity compared to 6 million in humans. The area of the canine brain devoted to analyzing odors is about 40 times larger than the comparable part of the human brain. If those numbers aren't already amazing, a 2022 study found that dogs can "see" with their nose too, they can also see the past in scent. As visual oriented dog parents we very often underestimate our dogs sense of smell and their desire to smell! As a WSA (World Scent Association) trainer and judge, with dreamlike4paws I can help you teach your dog to find Kong pieces that are as small as a needle head and indicate to you where they are. Furthermore we can train your dog to discriminate between scents and indicate to you a scent they were trained on... just like a police dog ;) The wonderful side benefit of this is, since the dog is allowed to use its nose and will work with you, your relationship will be elevated to a new level! A dogs that is allowed to sniff is a happy dog! What you can learn & gain here: * all about the dogs brain in regards to olfaction * step my step improvement to a desired goal * indication on a trained scent * different scents and indication ways will be trained * discrimination of scents * working together in a team * relationship building with your dog * a happy "brain" tired dog that is allowed to use its nose * tips and tricks for more scent games in daily life when not training scent work * ALL training will be fun & reward based * Please return the Intake Form at least 48h before the first session (will be provided when booking a plan) * certain session parts will be recorded for your keeping and training reference * Duration 45-60 min depending on the dogs attention span and training intensity of the day * when booking at least the 3 session plan, access to relevant personalized videos will be granted * certain equipment will have to be bought for training - a list will be provided * only certain scents that are safe for your dog will be used for this training * training in different locations might me necessary

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