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  • How do I know if we are a good fit?
    I offer a free 20 min phone consult to see if we are a good fit. We discuss your needs and see how I can help you. 719-229-2314
  • What is positive reinforcement training and why is it useful?
    To me positive reinforcement training means using as little physical corrections as possible up to none. I try to ignore the behaviors we don't want (extinction) and reinforcing the behaviors we want with rewards. This approach is based on respect for each other and learning what our dogs like and don't like, every dog is different. This type of training can take longer but it is fun for everyone involved and will strengthen trust and relationships.
  • Do you take my dog and train it for me?
    I do not take your dog and train it for you as it is against my concept of training the guardian and their companion(s) together. It is you at the end who needs to live with your dog and needs to know what to do my believe is to give you the tool to do just that and I am helping you on the way. In certain occasions I offer a drop in (at your house when you're not there) and train package, but these are not standard and can only be bought with a training or behavior package were we go over what I have done and teach you the mechanics of it.
  • What do I need for training?
    To train your dog you most of all need a positive attitude, lots of smiles and fun. We will need treats and certain equipment, but it is all case dependent. Some dogs don't like treats but rather a pat or a game/ toy. Usually after a meeting or prior to the next one I will let you know what you need if it won't be standard available in your home.
  • What collar do you recommend? Do you use a harness?
    I don't use a e-collar or prong collar. A flat collar is usually fine during training as well as a front clip harness. With very big and strong dogs a gentle leader can be useful, but over time the goal should be to move to a flat collar. For walking training I use equipment cues and you will need a flat collar & front clip harness.
  • Where do you train?
    I train where you are. It can be in your home, your garden, we take walks together or go where people are. Since the type of training is case dependent just like your challanges we can train in different location. I don't have a dedicated training ground.
  • Do you offer group classes?
    At the moment I don't offer group classes. But it is something I will in the future. If you are interested in group classes, please ask. 719-229-2314
  • What is mental stimulation for my dog and why is it important?
    Mental stimulation is fun and fun to watch! Just like us, dogs can get bored, frustrated, anxious and depressed due to lack of mental stimulation. A mental enriched life can help keeping dogs sharp and fighting off symptoms of dementia, anxiety, and depression. I will teach you a lot of games and give ideas to do with your dog to keep them happy and learn every day. A much as dogs like routines, they need changes in the path to walk, games you play etc. If you can give them a job to do they are most happy and it helps your relationship on the way.
  • Do you work with aggressive dogs?
    I do not work with human directed or dog-dog aggressive cases.
  • Are there breeds you don't train?
    While I train every breed, I don't train human directed or dog-dog aggressive cases. Additionally I am also specialized in Retriever Training, Positive Gun Dog Training and anything Scent Work related.
  • How much do you charge?
    My prices differ if it is a behavior case or if you need training. Behavior modification needs more involvement and understanding of the reasons behind the behavior. I offer single lessons/ sessions, as well as, packages in each. Additionally I also offer virtual training if you are too far away for a regular meeting or your dog can't handle a stranger in the house.
  • Do you add travel costs to your prices?
    At the moment if you are in Aurora, Centennial, Foxfield or Parker - the south/east Denver Metro Area, I don't charge travel costs. If you are outside these, I might charge a travel fee, but will let you know this beforehand.
  • What forms of payments do you accept?
    I accept all common card payments on my website or via pay links. If you need a different form of payment, please let me know.
  • Are you insured?
  • Are you certified?
    I am certified with various organizations. You can see here what I have and I am studying right now for continued education and certifications as I believe in constant education, since Science in dog training is steadily evolving. I am also a member positive reinforcement organizations: IAABC - International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants I.S.A.P. - International Society of Aninmal Professionals
  • Do you offer discounts?
    I always offer a 10% active duty military and veterans discount. Sometimes I also offer seasonal discounts or event discounts. Only one discount can always be applied.
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