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I believe that Gun Dog Training for Retrievers should be fun!

At the end, they were bred to work along side us and form a strong team relationship with their owners and hunting companions - us humans. 

At dreamlike4paws I offer reward based Gun Dog Training that is tailored to your specific needs. If you are looking to train your hunting companion or have a pet dog that loves to hunt and want to have a safe outlet for this behavior but are not interested in shooting or handling prey, I can and would love to help you!

Having trained my own Retrievers in Germany and the UK using reward based methods, I believe a prong or e-collar is never necessary. I will help you to find the right training approach for your dog, establish clear communication and guide you through structured training setups to reach your preferred goal. 

If you have a retriever (cross-) breed as a pet dog or other breed that simply loves to hunt, I can help you to keep them happy as they are able to live out their inner desires.


As it will take multiple lessons to learn, I suggest you buy a package of lessons. If you are interested in more than 5 lessons, please reach out to me and I can make you a customized package price. 

By clicking on the photo or text, you will get more information of each service and can book a single lesson directly. 

All training will be with you (the pet parent) and it will be customized to your and your dog's needs, skills and abilities.

All services are offered in single lessons or as a package. If you are interested in a package, you need to buy one first, before booking a lesson in my calendar. I can also help you via virtual lessons, if you are interested in those, please check here

If you have any questions, please reach out to me!

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