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Behavior modification is much more than 'simple' training as it needs understanding of the as a full individual. All aspects - the lenses - of your dogs unique personality needs to be considered. Those lenses are domestication/ evolution, genetics, neurobiology, endocrinology, physiology, cognition/ emotion and sociology. When changing and modifying behavior, we need to find out which lenses need adjustment and how can we get the desired outcome in a reward based environment. 

In my dog human relationship guidance I will help you to understand the unique lenses of your dog and how you can reach a better relationship. This is a very customized approach to your needs.

In my behavior modification we will change your dog's behavior issues together. This is usually a longer process as your dogs has already formed an opinion about the issues and now displays an unwanted behavior. To change this, we need to find the root cause and help him/ her to change the opinions and feelings. Depending on the severity, your dogs learning attitude and your teaching abilities we will find a customized approach and individual duration. Your dog likely will dictate the needed time for change. 

Examples where you might need me as a Dog Behaviorist: 

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Ressource Guarding

  • Dog Human Aggression*

  • Dog-Dog Agression*

  • Predation

  • Compulsive Behaviors

By clicking on the photo or text, you will get more information of each service and can book a single lesson directly. 

All training will be with you (the pet parent) and it will be customized to your and your dog's needs, skills and abilities.

All services are offered in single lessons or as a package. If you are interested in a package, you need to buy one first, before booking a lesson in my calendar. I can also help you via virtual lessons, if you are interested in those, please check here

If you have any questions, please reach out to me!

*I do not take cases that involve a bite history, but I can direct you to a reward based trainer who can help you. Reward based methods are especially important in those cases, as fear induces/ balanced methods can shut down the dog and will make the responses worse. 

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