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Gun Dog Training

Train your Retriever Gun Dog with Reward Based Methods - no e-collar or prong.

  • 1 h
  • 125 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

I believe that Gun Dog Training for Retrievers should be fun! At dreamlike4paws I offer reward based Gun Dog Training that is tailored to your specific needs. I provide the training at a place of your choosing and focus on building a strong relationship between you and your dog while hunting together as a team. My goal is to create with you a well-mannered and obedient Retriever while also having lots of fun for everyone involved in doing what this breed is meant to do. Many times we will use bumpers and canvas dummies, but when possible also birds. In my training I do not use any prong or e-collars, as I have trained my own dogs without them and don't believe them necessary in any training scenario. I can show you creative ways to reach your goal without the need to administer pain or fear. It is all about clear and structured communication and adeqaut training setups. The wonderful side benefit of this is, since the dog is allowed to use its nose and will work with you as a team, your relationship will be elevated to a new level! A dog that is allowed to use its nose and do what it was bred for is a happy dog! Things we will be working on: *heelwork *hold *commands & whistle *setups *marks *memories *blinds *steadiness *water training *sending in directions (back, left, right) *... * ALL training will be fun & reward based * Please return the Intake Form at least 48h before the first session (will be provided when booking a plan) * certain session parts will be recorded for your keeping and training reference * Duration 45-60 min depending on the dogs attention span and training intensity of the day * when booking at least the 3 session plan, access to relevant personalized videos will be granted * certain equipment will have to be bought for training - a list will be provided as needed * training without an e-collar or choke chain/ prong * training will be in different locations as needed

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