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Hunting Dog Training For Pet Dogs

Hunting training that's fun - for dogs in non-hunting households to fulfill the dogs desire

  • 1 h
  • 125 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Do you have a gun dog, hunting dog or cross breed and would like to do something with them that they are bred for, but don't want to do hunting or field dog training; don't want to handle prey? Then Hunting Dog Training For Pet Dogs is the right service for you! This fun training can also be done with any other breeds that love to hunt and use their nose. With dreamlike4paws your dog will learn to have fun hunting for and retrieving canvas dummies which are a substitute for the prey. You will not need to handle any dead prey but your dog will be happy, as they can use all the stages of the hunting sequence and the big benefit is, that you will learn how to work together as a team. This is also a great substitute training for dogs with high prey drive as they are safely allowed to use their inner desire in a controlled environment. This service can be booked for puppies from 8 weeks on. The wonderful side benefit of this is, since the dog is allowed to use its nose and will work with you as a team, your relationship will be elevated to a new level! A dog that is allowed to use its nose is a happy dog! What you can learn & gain here: * all about the dogs brain in regards to olfaction * step by step improvement to a desired goal * heel work * retrieving dummies * marking on dummies to bring them back * steadiness - sitting until the dog gets send for the dummy * whistle training and whistle recall * finding hidden dummies called blinds (for advanced dogs in this training style) * sending your dog in different directions (for advanced dogs in this training style) * how to make it easier and more difficult for your dog * working together in a team * relationship building with your dog * a happy "brain" tired dog that is allowed to use its nose * tips and tricks for more scent games in daily life when not training dummy work but that are beneficial * ALL training will be fun & reward based * Please return the Intake Form at least 48h before the first session (will be provided when booking a plan) * certain session parts will be recorded for your keeping and training reference * Duration 45-60 min depending on the dogs attention span and training intensity of the day * when booking at least the 3 session plan, access to relevant personalized videos will be granted * certain equipment will have to be bought for training - a list will be provided as needed * training without an e-collar or choke chain * training will be in different locations

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