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Dog Trick Training

Let your pup fetch you your beer ;)

  • 1 hour
  • 125 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Have you ever wondered how you can train your dog to bring you your beer, chips and pillow for a cosy evening in front of the TV? Well, then this is the service for you :) At dreamlike4paws I will teach you in Dog Trick Training the different steps that it needs to teach your dog easy to difficult tricks. We can work on tricks you always wanted to teach your dog, but I can also suggest some new ones to you. This service can be booked for puppies from about 6 months on. The dogs age and physical structure/ health will be considered in the tricks trained. The wonderful side benefit of this is, since the dog will work with you as a team, your relationship will be elevated to a new level! What we can learn here: * easy tricks like: down, shake hands, retrieve & bring it, crawl, bow and speak on command... * more advanced tricks like: balance and catch, sit pretty, roll over or play dead * and very advanced tricks like: tacking rings on a pole, shell game or bring my beer * step by step improvement to a desired trick * how to structure the training of tricks to achieve the goal and not frustrate your dog * how to make it easier and more difficult for your dog * working together in a team * relationship building with your dog as everyone loves learning * a happy "brain" tired dog that builds confidence * being able to show off your smart dog at the next party ;) * ... even if a trick is not mentioned here but you want your dog to learn it, I can show you how. * ALL training will be fun & reward based * Please return the Intake Form at least 48h before the first session (will be provided when booking a plan) * certain session parts will be recorded for your keeping and training reference * Duration 45-60 min depending on the dogs attention span and training intensity of the day * when booking at least the 3 session plan, access to relevant personalized videos will be granted * equipment might have to be bought for this training - a list will be provided as needed

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