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This service is not available, please contact for more information.

6-week Rattlesnake Avoidance Group Class

Teaching your dog to avoid rattlesnakes with reward based methods

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  • South Yampa Street

Service Description

Join me for this 6-week class all about teaching our dogs Rattlesnake Avoidance using reward based methods! In this six-week group class in XXX (Location), you will learn about snake safety & behavior, teaching your dog an alert behavior, and how to turn the sight, scent and sound of a snake into cues for a reliable recall and alert. Teaching your dog to avoid rattlesnakes with reward based methods! While pain induced Rattlesnake Courses can actually do more harm than good, as your dog learns to fear snakes and potentially aimlessly freaks out, I will teach you and your dog a way to keep both of you safe when seeing, hearing or scenting a Rattlesnake. Your dog will furthermore learn a dedicated response to alert you of the presence of a Rattlesnake to keep you safe as well. This group class training is accompanied by access to an online course. Benefits of this as group class training: -learning in a group will answer your questions you didn't know you have -group support with fellow learners -dedicated messenger/ text group for your class setting -fixed weekly schedule will help you to progress and learn * ALL training will be fun & reward based * to book this service, you and your dog need to have some experience with reward-based / positive reinforcement training - if you don't, please book at least one single lesson with me to be introduced to the basics * this is a 6 week course which will be held weekly * certain session parts will be recorded for your keeping and training reference * Duration 45-60 min depending on the dogs attention span and training intensity of the day * certain equipment will have to be bought for training - a list will be provided as needed * training without an e-collar or choke chain/ prong * training will be in different locations as needed and all members will be notified prior to class * a dedicated messenger/ text group will be setup for the duration of this class

Contact Details

  • South Yampa Street


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