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Happy Holidays 2023

Welcome to my Holiday Dog Advent Calendar 2023

24 happy days filled with information about dogs, dog training, feeding & recipes as well as dog related holiday fun for you and your family. 


Every day for 24 days you can open a 'picture door' and find great information and dog related holiday fun. At the bottom of each day you may (optional) leave your contact details and with this enter to win one of the following giveaways. Each day the door opens at around midnight (MST) 

You may come back every day and leave your info once a day to increase your chances of winning. Some are eligible to go to the UK and Germany.

  • One hour of personalized training by dreamlike4paws (in home or online)*

  • 50% off of Real World Basic Manners Class by padfoot pet service (pay only 150$ for the 6 week course)*

  • A dog collar by Bare Bones BARKtique*

  • Children's book Meet Faith - The Story of a Deaf Dalmatian, signed by the author Tracy Tydeman and a Spots of Joy Pack (bookmarks, stickers and more)*

All giveaways are in cooperation with: 

About Spots of Joy: Spots of Joy was inspired by a deaf Dalmatian, Faith, who brought so much joy into the world everyday. Owner, Tracy Tydeman aims to continue sharing that joy, by sharing Faith's story via her children's book, Meet Faith. Being a graphic designer, Tracy also offers design services to small businesses and authors, in hopes of helping others achieve their dreams and bring joy into their everyday lives. 

About Padfoot Pet Services: Padfoot Pets is dedicated to providing a supportive culture for staff, dogs, and owners and we recognize the importance of providing gentle guidance, socialization, and real-world exposure to dogs of all shapes, sizes, and behavioral obstacles.  Our mission is to foster trust between dogs and their owners through positive, science-based solutions in a supportive environment. We promote a positive culture through ongoing learning opportunities for all. Padfoot’s unique Real-World Program creates a support team of experienced trainers working together to build a better bond and offer help for dogs to join their people in Denver, the surrounding area, and the CO local community.

About Bare Bones BARKtique: Bare Bones BARKtique provides the Highest Quality Boutique Products for Your Beloved Pets in Aurora, Colorado. They offers small batch treats created in a professional bakery with their recipe & the highest quality boutique items including their best selling handmade collars and leashes.

2023 Advent Calendar


Terms & Conditions for participating in the 2023 Holiday Dog Advent Calendar Giveaway

  • this is a cooperation with Spots of Joy, Padfoot Pet Services and Bare Bones BARKtique 

  • every visitor has the option to leave their contact details once a day at the respective day. In doing so, you can enhance your chances to win with a maximum of 24 entries. 

  • giveaways cannot be exchanged into monetary prices

  • you can only win one of the giveaways

  • the winners will be drawn between December 27th-31st

  • the winners will be contacted by dreamlike4paws or the cooperation partner for the necessary details to redeem their giveaways

  • with participation in this advent calendar, you agree to have your name, email, city and mobile number registered with each of the cooperation partners and can be contacted by them. All cooperation partners agree not to sell or give away your personal data. You have the option to always opt out of being contacted by each partner after the event is closed. 

  • *dreamlike4paws giveaway: one hour of personalized training in your home if within 20min reach of business location, otherwise one hour of online training and consultation

  • *patfood pet services giveaway: 50% off of Real World Basic Manners Class (normal price $300)- prize winner pays $150, Real World Basic Manners: Giving you and your pet the tools and confidence to handle Real-World situations/ Location: Pet Wants Arvada, Colorado/ Time: Wednesdays at 5PM/ Duration: 6 weeks /Class start date: TBD

  • *Bare Bones BARKtique giveaway: your needed sizing and color/ style of the dog collar will be coordinated with you after the drawing 

  • *Spots of Joy giveaway: one children's book Meet Faith - The Story of a Deaf Dalmatian, signed by the author Tracy Tydeman (if you reside outside the US you can choose a US address OR if you have the book available in your Amazon marketplace, the author will send an Amazon, unsigned paperback version sent to your address) AND Spots of Joy Pack - Stickers, bookmarks, door hangers, lip balm and magnet designed by Spots of Joy (lip balm and magnets will only ship to a US address).

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