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Expertise & Education since July 2017

in Germany
July 2017-July 2018
1 year
in the UK
August 2018-January 2023
5 years, 6 months
finished courses and certificates
active coures
  • Learning with my Golden Retriever Gin how to train a (gun)dog from puppyhood to adolescence in Germany with the wonderful dog school Chaoten auf 4 Pfoten.

  • September 2017-July 2018: during participation in the dog school also learned basic foundations of puppy & young gun-dog training with reward based methods as well as gun dog training with the breeder and participation of different seminars

  • March-April 2018: Participation at a 6 week course of anti-poison-training - the dog learns not to pick up anything from the ground but rather indicating that there is something they would like

  • April 2018: multi-day trick-dog workshop for beginners and advanced

  • April 2018: Participation in a first aid course for canines

  • July 2018: Moving to the UK

Shortly after moving to the UK I started joining On the Scent dog school with Sophia Taylor GoDT(MT)

  • January 2019: officially joined On the Scent as an assistant dog trainer. Learning from Sophia and gaining practical skills in holding classes and helping challenging dogs during classes. Observing private lessons as often as possible. I also joined Agility Classes with Gin which we loved. During Covid Lockdown in the UK we recorded and helped via online teachings the clients of On the Scent in (bi-)weekly sessions. 

  • participating in various online seminars about canine communication, how dogs learn and teaching dogs

  • various training and seminars with the breeder and trainers in Germany

  • February 2022: joining weekly lessons and private lessons in Gundog training with Kim Jinks - Jinkster Gundog in Dormansland, England, a very successful Gundog owner and trainer in the UK

  •  September 2019: successfully completed the Reactive Rascals seminar with Dog Training College - a course about how to train reactive dogs in a reward based way

  • September 2019: The 30 Days of Canine Science, with the School of Canine Science

    • training content: Low & high arousal/ stimulus control/ criteria for markers/ reinforcers and reinforcement/ shaping, capturing, conditioning/ targets/ reward delivery and timing/ games/ the 3D’s and how to make training plans

  • June 2020: Scent for Six with School of Canine Science - a high in-dept six month course, finished with 98% and the right to be a judge and hold training and classes for the World Scent Dog Association (WSDA)

    • training content: What is scent, oxidization, physiology & the brain, dopamine, different scents in searches, indication, breed differences, distraction, blind searches, setting up searches, discrimination of scent, behavior modification with scent, police & medical detection dogs, how to set up classes

  • May 2021: The Puppy Lab with School of Canine Science - ​a multi module course

    • in-depth training modules ​are: Puppy development in all stages/ the first days in the new home and training/ behavior theories with different ways of conditioning, reinforcement, .../ structuring a 6 week puppy course/ correct socialization in puppies/ etc. 

  • January 2024 : Higher Canine Behaviour and Psychology - Diploma (LV4) with Compass Education Ltd (02.2021-12.2023) 

    • a six module - 3 year diploma course​

    • module contents are: brain & senses/ learning/ communication/ social behavior & territoriality/ dog training/ behaviour problems & solutions

  • February 2024: Affiliate status ​with the Top Dog Academy of Dr. Ian Dunbar

  • since July 2021: SoCS Behaviour Bible - a in-depth 3 year behavior training with the School of Canine Science

    • module contents are: ​evolution/ genetics/ neurobiology/ endocrinology/ physiology/ cognition&emotion/ sociology/ consultations/ research methods/ behavior modification/ separation anxiety/ resource guarding/ dog-human-aggression/ dog-dog aggression/ predation/ compulsive behavior

  • since February 2024: L.E.G.S. Applied Ethology - Family Dog Mediation Professional Course​

    • ethology/ evolution/ welfare/ behavior problems as a symptom/ Family dog mediation: genetics- environment- learning- L.E.G.S.- L.E.G.S. in motion  ​

  • tbd: Canine Anxiety Certificate Course with Canine Principles 

    • course content: ​essential understanding of the canine brain and nervous system/ defining anxiety/ anxiety sub-categories/ anxiety related aggression/ management & treatment/ maintaining factors/ changing behavior/ working with triggers

  • Dr. Ian Dunbar - Affiliate for Top Dog Academy

  • Team Jagdfieber - online dummy Gundog training with Susanne Reinke

  • IAABC Member -  International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

  • Full I.S.A.P. membership - International Society of Animal Professionals

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