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December 2nd

Happy National Mutt Day


If you have a dog, the chances are quite high that you have a mutt :)

Pet expert Colleen Paige created National Mutt Day in an effort to encourage the adoption of shelter dogs. It’s celebrated on both December 2nd and July 31st. 

According to the Humane Society of the US 54% of all dogs in the US are mutts. But what really is a mutt? 

The dictionary defines a mutt as followed: 

1. a dog of doubtful pedigree

2. a person regarded as stupid or incompetent

So, despite any negative connotations the word may have, a mutt is simply a dog of mixed breed. Mutts have at least 2 parent breeds, but 3 and even 4 or more ancestor breeds is very common.

A mutt generally refers to a dog with an unclear genetic background and parents who are also mixed breeds themselves.

However, a few mixed breeds are so popular that they now have been bred only with dogs of the same mixed breed for generations. Many people now call dogs like the Goldendoodle (formerly a mixed breed) “purebreds” because of this. Backyard breeders sometimes take advantage of that fact to sell more dogs or for a higher price. 

Here are a few more cool numbers on dogs and mutts: 

  • Number of dog owning households in the U.S. 69m (of about 129m) = 53.4 %

  • 21% of households in Germany have dogs

  • 31% in the UK

  • Poland has the most dogs in Europe with 49%

  • Dog ownership 2019 in Colorado = 47.2% = #9 of all states

  • The majority of dogs in shelters are mutts as they usually from unplanned litters vs. purebreds that are normally planned litters. 


According to the first and so far only Mutt Census, the National Mutt Census 2011, the top 10 most popular breeds found in the mixed-breed population are:

  1. German shepherd (the second most popular AKC-registered breed)

  2. Labrador retriever (most popular AKC breed)

  3. Chow chow (63rd most popular AKC breed)

  4. Boxer (sixth most popular AKC breed)

  5. Rottweiler (13th most popular AKC breed)

  6. Poodle (ninth most popular AKC breed)

  7. American Staffordshire terrier (70th most popular AKC breed)

  8. Golden retriever (fourth most popular AKC breed)

  9. Cocker spaniel (23rd most popular AKC breed)

Sources: The Humane Society of US, AVMA, statista






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